GRC 2020 (Published 2021) YEARBOOK SAMPLE PAGES

2020 has been a challenging year for us all, having limited competition results/achievements, the club yearbook may be a bit thin on pages, so we have come up with some new styles of advertising, hoping that our membership whether still active in the breed or not will advertise and make the 2020 yearbook an interesting edition for all our membership.
Firstly we will be featuring some articles, as we no longer produce a magazine. Also there maybe commercial advertising.
Advertising for our members will be offered in three styles:
STYLE 1a – This is the usual full page advert as permitted in previous yearbooks, your pages can be our ‘club style’ or you can supply your own ‘high quality’ pdf.
STYLE 1b – NEW. As 1a but ½ page, for those who require a smaller advert.
STYLE 2 – NEW. This section of the yearbook, is called the ‘Galleries’ and is a separate section from other advertising pages. It is a set style, see sample here. There is a UK and Overseas section, both will have their own index. This section is only for those who wish to feature their stud dogs; champions (any discipline); Junior & Veteran champions; Junior Warrant & ShCM winners. Gallery pages cannot be placed next to other style pages.
STYLE 3 – NEW. This is a new section called ‘Down Memory Lane’. We’d like to see the golden’s that started our members showing/working/breeding, your first show/working dog, champion, foundation of your kennel/line. How you became involved in your chosen field. Style is as sample or if you want to supply your own high resolution pdf, thats also fine, this page can be placed alongside a Style 1 page if you are advertising in both, but not alongside any Gallery style advertising pages.


Sample pages: