Our working events are generously sponsored by Skinners


Breed stake for 14 Golden Retrievers


Wednesday 20th. November 2019


Inpark, Cattistock, Dorset

By Kind invitation of the Atkinson Family

Generously Sponsored by Skinners Pet Food

JUDGES: Mr. S. Ashby (A) Mr. K. Sandercock (B) Mrs. A. Brain (NP) Mrs. H. Ford (NP)


1st. Sue Jordan Tullysedge Inca’s Gold (Karnosty In The Rough x Tullysedge My Belle Nell)

COM. Jean Baveystock Polihale Bucks Fizz (Echobrook Dexster x Chishillhyde Lisa)

Gun’s Choice: Beatrice Loetscher Funnyline Fieldquest Cree Squaw


Winners with Judges

JUDGES: Steve Ashby, Alex Brain, Helen Ford & Keith Sandercock

Winner Sue Jordan with Host Robert Atkinson

Certificate of Merit Jean Baveystock

Guns Choice Beatrice Loetscher





2 Day Open Stake for 24 Dogs

Monday and Tuesday 28th. & 29th. October 2019


Lilac Farm, Kings Lynn, Norfolk

By Kind Permission of Mr. Richard Beckerleg and the Chapman Family

and the Generous Support of the guns

JUDGES: Mr. K. E. Doughty (A) Mr. R. Tomlinson (A) Mr. N.F. Clitheroe (B) Mr. P. Fulcher (B)


1st. John Williamson & Gun’s Choice Tealcreek Isla (Amberdolly Hamlet x Birdsgreen Egypt at Tealcreek)

2nd. Philippa Williams Castlemans Soul Mate (Funnyline Fieldquest Scottish Sun x Pandapaws Bina of Castlemans)

3rd. Sue Jordan Tullysedge My Belle Nell (Souter Romulus at Millgreen x Highsea Primrose)

4th. Kim Jinks Mistybrook Ochre (Lilleburne Ripple Reed x Mistybrook Tegan)

First John Williamson

2nd. Philippa Williams

3rd. Sue Jordan

4th. Kim Jinks


Frank Skjerping slide show



Novice Trial 1


Monday 7th October 2019

Held at

Teffont, Wiltshire.

By Kind Permission of Mr. Edward Waddington

And The Generous Invitation of Mr. & Mrs. Henry Pelham

Generously sponsored by Skinners Pet Foods.

Judges: Nick Coates (A), Dave England (B), Vickie Prichard (NP), Stuart Robson (NP)



1st. David Godding’s Kaliture Nero’s Flame (Souter Tabasco at Roughbeat x Kaliture Kiche)
2nd. Nathan Laffy’s Think Twice Zero to Hero (Kaliture Finn x Think Twice Go Get It)
3rd. and Guns’ Choice Laura Lazarretto’s Think Twice Beyond the Shadow of Doubt (It.FT.Ch. The Roadrunner x Think Twice Someday Somewhere Somehow).


Photo by Lucy Jenkins

Winner David Godding with Field Trial Secretary Mary Palk

Trophies awarded:

The Winner David Godding’s Kaliture Nero’s Flame the Ch. Noranby Dutiful Challenge Cup

Runner Up/2nd. Nathan Laffy’s Think Twice Zero to Hero  the Deremar Trophy

Best Opposite sex to the winner in the awards 3rd.  Laura Lazarretto’s Think Twice Beyond the Shadow of Doubt Noranby Daydawn Perpetual Challenge Cup & The Geoffrey Woodhouse Trophy for Guns Choice



All Aged Trial

Held on

 Friday 13th September 2019


Livermere Hall, Ampton, Suffolk.

Kindly arranged by Mr. Graham Roberts

and by kind permission of Ben Turner and Peter Rushbrook.

Generously sponsored by Skinners Pet Foods.

Judges: Jim Gale (A), Graham Bird (A), Graham Stanley (B), Mr. Paul Wheeler  (NP)


AWARDS: No awards at this trial.

Guns’ Choice & the Millrythe Trophy Philip Blount Hanwoodgold Archie (Echobrook Dexster x Chackmoreton                                                                                           Homewood Lass)