150 year Anniversary International Working Weekend

Saturday 19th. & Sunday 20th. May 2018


The Ilchester Estates, Dorset

By Kind permission of the Hon. Charlotte Townshend.


First Day Judges: Mr. P. Allen (A), Mr. K. Broomfield (B),

Ms. S. Chichester (A), Mr. D. England (B), Mr. T. Shipp (A),

Mr. K. Manley, Mrs. J. Manley.

Day One: Special Puppy, Novice and Veteran.

The Open (2 day) competitors completed 3 tests on day one


1st. Sue Jordan (O/H) Tullysedge Incas Gold (B) (Karnoosty in the Rough x Tullysedge My Belle Nell)

2nd. Anne Crookes (H)  Moscargrange Coppper (B) (Souter Romulus at Millgreen x Mistybrook Maive of                                                                                                     Moscargrange) Owner: Mr. S & Mrs. A Crookes.

3rd. Denise Smith (O/H) Crystalstream Clara of Karnoosty (B) (Lilleburne Ripple Reed x Karnoosty Fairway                                                                                                                 Flyer)

4th. Elizabeth Pelham (O/H)  Bell Octave C-Pollo (D) (Echobrook Dexster x Chieldmarc Countess)

Award winners photographs by kind permission of Henk Companjen


1st Special Puppy

2nd. Special Puppy

3rd. Special Puppy

4th. Special Puppy



1st. Andrew Wright (O/H) Wadesmill Kite  (D)  (Wadesmill Sacome x Wadesmill Daffodil)

2nd. Petra Golz (O/H)   Kaliture Jolly Be Good  (D) (Souter Tabasco at Roughbeat x Kaliture Kiche)

3rd. Christine Peers (H) Pinedale Sage (D) (Lilleburne Ripple Reed x Pinedale Candy) Owners Mr. & Mrs. Peers

4th. Jean Abrard (H/O) Funnyline Fieldquest Cree Enoch (D) (Gundog’s Choice Aspen x Funnyline                                                                                                                             Fieldquest Keelby)

5th. Nick Coates (O/H)  Gospelash High Time (D) (Joyful Hugo of Philchris x Nordenlights Cheyanne of                                                                                                   Gospelash)

6th. Laura Lazzaretto (H/O)  Nous’s Dream Jumped Up to Think Twice (D) (Int.FTCh. The Road Runner x                                                                              Nous’s Dream Bless the Girl) Owners: Pieter Vivijs & Laura Lazzaretto


1st. Novice

2nd. Novice


3rd. Novice


4th. Novice

5th. Novice

6th. Novice



1st. Jacqui Crew (O/H)  Echobrook Dexster (D) (Birdsgreen Stormbreak Over Millgreen x Shotwood Lettie)

2nd. Beatrice Loetscher (H/O) Int.FTCh. Funnyline Fieldquest J.B. (D) (Birdsgreen Simply Granite x Funnyline                                                                                                                         Shooting Field Pride)

3rd. Mary Jarrod (H/O) Lilleburne Ripple Reed (D) (Souter Romulus at Millgreen x Laytincroft Rhapsody)

4th.  Gerda Companjen (H/O) Lowly Raffaello (D)  (Dutch FTCh Lowly Nabucco x Deadcraft Lottie)


1st. Veteran

2nd. Veteran

3rd. Veteran

4th Veteran


Slide Show below by kind permission of Henk Companjen Day 1


slide show by kind permission of Raymond Cornielje Day 1 



Slideshow Below by Kind permission of Steve Davis  Day 1

There are many more on his own web site: Click Here


5 Open Tests.

JUDGES: Mr. P. Allen (A), Mr. K. Broomfield (B), Ms. S. Chichester (A), Mrs J. Mann, Mr. T. Shipp (A),

Held at Melbury House 

ADA ‘S Grave day 2


1st. Anja Heuer (H/O) Duckflight Eye on Gadwall (B) (FTCh. Holway Cider x Duckflight Beesley)

2nd. Norma Meyer Zvolsky (H/O) Duckflight Eye on Magpie (B)  (FTCh. Holway Cider x Duckflight Beesley)

3rd. John Williamson Int FTCh. Gortons Gaelic Prince (D) (FTCh Birdsgreen Sweet Reward of Castlemans x                                                                                                        Gortons Island Lass)

4th. Judith Evans (H/O) Tallygold Mulberry (D) (Holway Victor x Merryway Larch of Tallygold)

5th. Sandra Jaeger (H/O) Windworker’s Dartford (D) ( FTCh Mistybrook Connor x Windworker’s Apaced                                                                                                         Keenai)

6th. Mary Palk (H/O) Tallygold Blackthorn (D) (Holway Victor x Merryway Larch of Tallygold).

Award winners photographs Lisa-Jayne Baker (GRC Photographer)


Open Winner:  Anja Heuer – Duckflight Eye on Gadwall 

1st. Open


2nd. Open


3rd. Open


4th. Open


5th. Open


6th. Open

I will be posting photograph slides shows as I get them If you have photo’s you would like included please send them to my email which is on this web site (Home Page). If possible resize them please the web site does not take high resolution.

Slide Show below by kind permission of Lisa Jayne Baker GRC Photographer)


Slide show below by kind permission of Lisa Jayne Baker (GRC)


Slide show below by kind permission of Henk Companjen


Slide Show Below By Kind Permission of Graham Morgan. 

He has many more lovely photo’s on his web site

which are available to order if wanted: Click Here



slide show Below by kind permission of Raymond Cornielje Day 2




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