PUPPY: Super class of promising babies. 1. Loverock’s Lovissa Diamond Sparkle: Already a well balanced young lady at only 7 months. Feminine head with dark eye and pigmentation. Nice straight front with good bone, feet and shoulder construction. Firm topline and correct tail set. Well developed hindquarters with good muscle tone. Her pretty well prepared pale coat finishing off the picture. Moved well. 2. Hill’s Tamnian Forget Me Not Sanduala. Appealing 6 month old baby with mid gold coat. Prettiest of heads, straight front and and the neatest of feet. Good angulation both front and rear. Short coupled with level topline and good tail set. Moved happily round the ring.

GRADUATE: 1. Golder’s Summeramba Milady: Super young lady with a mid gold coat, soft expression with dark eye and pigmentation. Good front, bone and , feet. Nice reach of neck into well laid back shoulders. Short coupled with good spring of rib. Level topline and correct tail set, hindquarters strong and nicely angulated. Moved with drive and purpose. 2. Edwards Lovehayne Yazmira. Pale coated young lady with pretty head, straight front and good reach of neck into correct shoulder construction. Level topline, strong quarters with nice bend of stifle and good muscle tone. Moved well.

OPEN: 1. Griggs Mulfield Peach Blossom: Eye catching pale coated bitch in super condition. Lovely head and expression, dark eye and pigmentation. Good length of neck into well constructed shoulders. Straight front and tight feet. Strong level topline and correct tail set, well sprung ribs into well muscled hindquarters with good bend of stifle. Moved with drive. 2. Clarke*s Ousevale Xcuse Me. Lovely feminine bitch just coming back into her pretty mid gold coat. Sweet head, dark eye and good pigmentation. Short coupled, well balanced with correct front and rear construction. At one with her handler when moving positively round the ring.

Christine Haxton