The Golden Retriever Club Open Show 9th December 2018


I was very honoured to be invited to judge the Special Awards Classes at the above 150 year Anniversary/Christmas Open Show. I would like to thank the Club and the Committee for their hospitality. It was very much appreciated!

Class A – The Heather Morris Memorial Special Award Puppy Dog Or Bitch (12,5a)

1   O’Gorman’s Thornywait Top Notch For Berrymeade.  What a beautiful quality puppy this is! At seven months old she is so balanced flowing from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail.  She has a feminine head with expressive eye and correct earset, good length to neck and lovely layback to shoulder. Good topline and tailset.  She is well angled front and rear, good depth to her body, and good width to her second thigh.  She moved out well with drive from her strong quarters.  Shown in super coat and condition. Must surely have an exciting future ahead.

2  Morss’ Xanthos Futterwacken.  Just loved this slightly naughty puppy!  Also seven months old and very much a baby. He has the most gorgeous head with beautiful melting expression which is a little lacking in some exhibits.  He has well angled forehand with front legs well under his body, close fitting elbows.  Good depth all through, strong over his loin and well set on tail.  He is well boned and has lovely feet. In lovely coat and condition. He has a very happy disposition and moved well when he decided to concentrate!

3  Cook’s Calarose Precious Gem

Class B – The Joan Lavender Memorial Special Award Graduate Dog Or Bitch (14,7a)

1  O’Gorman’s Berrymeade Grand Central JW.  Upstanding young dog at the top end of Junior.  Expressive dark eye and masculine head with no sign of coarseness.  Strong neck flowing into level topline, good layback to shoulder.  Deep through his chest, good width over his hindquarters.  Hocks well let down, good bone.  Moved out with enthusiasm covering the ground well.

2  Haxton’s Dantassie Dancing Moonbeam.  This very nice young bitch is giving a lot away to the other exhibits as she is only just out of puppy.  She could not be denied her place though as she is such a beautifully balanced bitch and looked a picture in outline. She has a good head and correct earset.  Her neck flows into her well laid back shoulder and she has a correct level topline and tail set. She has a super front, good forechest with front legs well under her body. She has strong quarters, good width to second thigh, well let down hocks and straight from hock to heel.  Lovely tight feet. In lovely pale gold coat.  Moved out really well.  Another I would think with a very rosy future!

3  Clunie’s Warrentor Caipirinha JW

Class C – The Joan Gill Memorial Special Award Open Dog Or Bitch (5,3a)

1  Pett’s Stormerick High Hopes At Rumwood.  This very feminine bitch was presented in beautiful condition in lovely mid gold coat.  She has a nicely balanced head with kind expression.  She has very good front angulation, good firm topline and correct tailset.  Her hindquarters are well angled and hocks well let down.  She moved out freely with drive.

2  Mandley’s Maltqudos Miss Mash.  A very nice bitch looking and moving very well for her 8+ years.  Well presented in nice pale coat.  She has a kind expression, good depth to her chest and correct level topline and good tailset.  Moved out well.

Anne Douthwaite