The Golden Retriever Club Special 150 year Anniversary Open Show.


9 December 2018

Many thanks to the committee for their kind invitation to judge at their 150 year Anniversary Open Show. Also to the two stewards who kept everything in order and to all the exhibitors who attended this well run show.

Minor Puppy Dog. (5, 2a)

  1. Jones & Athey’s Ninell Jefferson. Attractive well balanced puppy of 9 months. Lovely head with gentle expression. Dark pigment, good width to muzzle and good reach of neck leading into correct shoulders. Level topline, strong body and quarters. Moved with purpose. Best puppy dog. Best opposite sex puppy in show.


  1. Morss’s Xanthos Futterwacken. Mid-gold 6 month old puppy with kind head and soft expression. Well placed shoulders, short coupled with cat like feet. Moved well.


  1. Wainwright’s Amirene Baby Be Mine.


Puppy Dog. (4) 

  1. Jones & Athey’s Ninell Jefferson.


  1. Morss’s Xanthos Futterwacken.


  1. William’s Catcombe Christingle of Busheyhall.


Junior Dog. (6, 2a)

  1. Jackson’s Terra Disiena Lorenzo at Swanavon (Imp Esp) JW. Lovely golden boy with good substance, not over done in any way. Soft expression with good ear set. Clean shoulders with level topline and tail set. Good rear quarters, moved with ease. Reserve Best Dog.


  1. O’Gorman’s Berrymeade Grand Central JW. Similar remarks apply, just preferred the head of one. Balanced throughout and moved with drive.


  1. Golder & Ward’s Laurenley Vincent.


Yearling Dog. (3, 1a)

  1. Golder & Ward’s Laurenley Vincent. Pale boy of good size. Will need time to fill his frame. Nicely made, good front and rear angles. Cat like feet. Gained his final Junior Warrant point today.


  1. Archer’s Haydengold Rock Star at Sunandair JW. Mid gold with a balanced head. Good expression leading into good layback of shoulder. Good stifles and neat feet.


Novice Dog. (1, 1a)


Undergraduate Dog. (1, 1a)


Graduate Dog. (4, 2a)

  1. Angell’s Millanza Toy Storey JW. Lovely shaped head with dark eye. Good front, close fitting elbows. Slightly longer cast. Kept topline on the move. Pale coat in good condition.


  1. Golder & Ward’s Laurenley Vincent.


Post Graduate Dog. (6, 1a)

  1. Seamons Messano Blue Suede Shoes JW. Beautiful balanced outline. Loveliest of heads with good pigment. Pale coated boy with plenty of bone. Good layback of shoulder and angulation. Strong in hocks. Moved with enthusiasm and drive at one with handler. Best Dog. Best in Show.


  1. Mandley Maltqudos Nordic Warrior JW. Nice head and expression. Attractive outline. Well sprung ribs. Short coupled, neat feet and moved true.


  1. Jackson’s Mavistan Nearco at Swanavon.


Open Dog. (5, 2a)

  1. Wicklow’s Gillbryan Hunterdean Likely Lad JW. Masculine dog with a gentle expression. Good reach of neck leading into excellent shoulders. Well sprung ribcage. Good bend of stifle. Moved with plenty of drive.


  1. Lane & Ridyard’s Kulawand Final Quest. Balanced and well chiselled head. Correct shoulder placement. Deep through body with a good spring of rib. Covered the ground well.


  1. Collis’s Merimoor Waterbouy at Dorwinion.


Special Veteran Dog or Bitch (9+ years). (2)

  1. Pounds-Longhurst’s Brodene Tempestivity To Mossburn. Very happy lady of 10 ½ years young. Balanced shaped head, straight front, good lay shoulder and depth in body. Short coupled, moved well. Best Special Veteran.


  1. Humphrey’s Abnalls Sebastian. Cream boy of good size, lovely eyes, nice head, giving a soft expression. Depth of chest, showing his age a little on the move.


Special Open Dog or Bitch. (3, 1a)

  1. Wicklow and Wred’s Dangerous Games Della Val D’Aveto with Gillbryan (IMP ITA). Very clean outline. Dark pigment on gorgeous head, good reach of neck, deep chest giving plenty of heart room. Rear quarters strong and well muscled, covered the ground well.


  1. Pounds-Longhurst Brodene Tempestivity To Mossburn


Minor Puppy Bitch. (13, 8a)

  1. O’Gorman’s Thornywait Top Notch for Berrymeade. There is so much to like about her. A pleasure to go over this well made girl. Loved her well shaped, kind head and expression. Depth of chest, straight legs on tight feet, good rear angulation. Quality girl, beautifully presented. Best Puppy Bitch. Best Puppy in Show.


  1. Ledgar’s Jasrolyn Flirting Armani. Another lovely puppy, mid gold, with good substance. Feminine head, good length to neck into nice lay back of shoulder. Level topline, good bend of stifle and moved well.


  1. Cook’s Calarose Precious Gem.


Puppy Bitch. (10, 7a)

  1. Price’s Palton Up Up and Away. Attractive, well balanced 9 ½ months. Pretty head, good pigment. Plenty of heart room, close fitting elbows. Good bone, level topline and tailset. Moved soundly.


  1. Cook’s Calarose Precious Gem. Balanced throughout, well proportioned blonde girl. Soft expression, elegant neck, good rear angulation.


  1. Fisher’s Palizolla Purple Royale.

Junior Bitch. (3, 1a) 

  1. Haxton’s Dantassie Dancing Moonbeam. Very nice quality bitch. Attractive cream coat, good reach of neck leading to an excellent front. Strong quarters, well angulated, moved with plenty of drive.


  1. List’s Haydengold Rumour Has It. Elegant framed girl of good size, sweetest of heads. Clean outline, good lay back of shoulder and angulation.

Yearling Bitch. (6, 3a)

  1. Clunie’s Warrentor Caipirinha JW. Lovely quality bitch. Pretty, feminine head, dark eye, good pigment. Good length of neck, elbows well tucked in. Straight front, level topline. In lovely condition, beautifully proportioned body. Moved freely with drive. Reserve Best Bitch


  1. List’s Haydengold Rumour Has It.


  1. Ward’s Xanthos Quiero Que Sepas for Flesselles.


Novice Bitch. (3, 3a)


Undergraduate Bitch. (5,2a) 

  1. Gunter’s Kendaamber Rosy Glow. Pleasing head and expression. Well bodied. Good tail set, good front and rear angulation.


  1. Harding’s Eveninghill Mad As A Hatter. Pleasing bitch, pretty head, good pigment, nice reach of neck. Good depth of chest.


  1. Pounds-Longhurst’s Rosgar Dolly O’Dare Among Mossburn.


Graduate Bitch. (3, 1a)

  1. Clunie’s Warrentor Caipirinha JW.


  1. Hush’s Benrowan Esprit. Mid gold, good head and expression, good reach of neck, level topline. Good shoulders, straight front and rear, neat feet, moved freely.


Post Graduate Bitch. (7, 5a)

  1. Seamons’ Stvincent Monlighting at Messano JW. Mid gold, feminine head, good pigment and bone. Strong level topline and tail set. Good bend of stifles, moved very well.


  1. Mandley’s Millanza Follow Your Dreams To Maltqudos. Good pigment, pleasing head. Pale bitch, held level topline on move, shorter coupled then one.


Open Bitch. (9, 5a)

  1. Haxton’s Dantassie Dancing Delight JW. Beautiful bitch in hard condition. Soft with a gentle expression, great reach of neck, good shoulders, elbows close fitting. Good spring of ribs, strong topline. Excellent stifles, neat hocks. Moved well, presented and shown to perfection. Best Bitch. Reserve Best in Show.


  1. Pett’s Stormerick High Hopes At Rumwood. Well balanced lady, feminine head, kind eye. Good reach of neck, well sprung ribs. Good front and rear angulation, moved so well.


  1. Clunie’s Warrentor Mapplemoon.


Brace (0)

Linda Cole (Rooksbury).