Please find below a list of members puppies for sale. The Golden Retriever club takes no responsibility for any puppies listed, and strongly advise purchasers to read all the information and advice available on the puppies page. The Health tests listed for the parents have been verified, but the purchaser should understand that the mating of 2 health tested dogs is not a guarantee of heredity disease free puppies, they are livestock and health tests help to make informed decisions when planning litters. The Kennel Club web site is also a good place to get information on buying a puppy.or both parents. The purchaser’s own vet should also be consulted about hereditary problems found in the breed.

The Golden Retriever Club can give no guarantee as to the quality or soundness of puppies whose details are shown in this list.
The puppies should always be seen interacting with their mother and should be kept in clean pleasant surroundings.
The breeder should give information on the temperament of the parents and details of the puppies worming. programme. Do not buy unregistered puppies, even if a pedigree is supplied, or from a dealer.



Breeder: Kim Stonebridge, Location: Spalding, Lincs. Date Of Birth: 25-4-2022  Phone: 01406 371342
Availability:  4 Dogs

Breeder; Ann Price,   Location: Worcs,  DOB: 11-5-22  Phone: 07885 499606   Available: 1 dog

Breeder: Paula Hill, Location: Gloucestershire, DOB:  1-7-22 Phone: 07736 464111 Email:    Dogs available

Litters are removed from this list at 2 months of age unless the breeder asks for them to remain on the list for a longer period.