The Golden Retriever Club Breed Open Show – 24 November 2019
The Kennel Club Building, Stoneleigh Park, Nr Coventry, Warwickshire

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge at this show, I was honoured & delighted to accept the invitation. I also thank the exhibitors for bringing their dogs under me and accepting my decisions throughout the classes and my stewards for keeping the ring running so smoothly.
I was looking for dogs that fitted the breed standard and fit for function criteria. I found a couple of exhibits carry a little too much weight for my liking. I did however find a couple of level bites and quite a few with excessively long toe nails which spoilt the foot appearance and could be heard dragging on the move, something that needs attention. The condition of exhibits was very good, clean coats, well presented with good temperaments. Overall I felt the bitches to be of better quality than the dogs today. I was delighted to find out afterwards that both my Best Dog & Best Bitch had worked in the field the previous day, truly fit for function.

Minor Puppy Dog – 1
1. Phipps Baker & Baker – Maddouse Rollacoaster. 7mth golden boy with nice head & good pigmentation. Very much a baby that needs to grow into himself but is nicely put together throughout with good straight legs. Nicely finished with good rear an-gulation & level topline. Moved well for his age.

Puppy Dog – 4, 2Ab
1. Grainger – Amilone Flintstone. Loved this 9mth blonde boy, Gorgeous head with dark pigmentation. Good reach of neck set on well laid back shoulder. Good front with straight legs & tight feet. Level topline with good rear angulation & balance throughout. Moved so well around the ring. BPD and delighted to award him Best Puppy in Show
2. Norris – Fenpinque Magnum Opus at Molestream. Blonde boy of 10 months. Very similar in construction & type to 1. Well put together throughout but I preferred the head & movement of my winner today. I’m sure these two will regularly swap places in the ring in the future. Delighted to hear his Undergraduate class win gave him his last point for his Junior Warrant, well done.

Junior Dog – 10, 5Ab
1. Wallington – Wynrita School Daze. 15mth golden boy in super coat with good front, deep chest with plenty of heart room. Well boned, short coupled with good rear angulation standing on good tight feet. Moved well.
2. Norris – Fenpinque Magnum Opus at Molestream
3. Taylor – Alibren Eccles at Tannadice
4. Clarke – Ousevale Tobermory JW
5. Muncey & Bridges – Garvin Time To Play

Yearling Dog – 6, 3Ab
1. Collis – Merimoor Outlander at Dorwinion. Lovely golden boy with nice head and gentle expression. Good front & upper arm with legs well placed under him. Well boned. Level top line and not overdone in any way. Happy boy who moved out well.
2. Wallinton – Wynrita School Daze
3. Taylor – Alibren Eccles at Tannadice

Novice Dog – 3, 2Ab,
1. Amilone Flintstone

Undergraduate Dog – 5, 1Ab
1. Norris – Fenpinque Magnum Opus at Molestream
2. Quill – Hosarvar Ninito. Very happy pale boy, nice head with good pigmentation. Level topline both standing & on the move with constant wagging tail, nicely balanced throughout with good bone & tight feet.
3. Alibren Eccles at Tannadice
4. Kerrien Kitson

Graduate Dog – 5, 1Ab
1. Vernon – Graceleigh Popeye. 2yr old golden boy in super coat & condition. Good front, deep chest and straight legs of good bone. Well bodied with good rear angulation. Level topline and moved out well.
2. Archer – Haydengold Rock Star at Sunandair JW. 2 yr old golden boy with good head & wavy coat. Nicely angled throughout. Larger in frame than the winner. Showed his typical happy golden character on the move and when standing.
3. Quill – Hosarvar Ninito
4. Jackson – Terra Di Siena Lorenzo at Swanavon (IMP ESP) JW

Post Graduate Dog – 6, 2Ab
1. Jackson – Mavistan Nearco at Swanavon. 4yr old golden boy with nice gentle masculine head, good neck, shoulders & depth of chest. Short coupled with nicely angulated rear. Good straight legs on tight feet. Moved well.
2. Gray & Hales – Sunnyoak Morning Glory at Grayales. Lovely well presented pale boy who although decided to give his owner a hard time and completely act the fool, his character certainly shone through! Lovely head with gentle expression, well constructed throughout, good bone, maturing nicely and once he finally settled moved out well.
3. Phipps Baker & Baker – Maddouse Top Hat
4. Wallington – Wynrita Keep a dream

Open Dog – 8, 3Ab
1. Gary & Hales – Hollygold Royal Albert at Grayales. 7yr old dark golden boy with good head & dark pigment. Well balanced throughout, short coupled, level topline with good rear angulation. Good bone & tight feet. Moved out well with drive. RBD.
2. Kipps – Wheatcroft White Flame JW. Pale boy of different type to winner, longer in leg & larger frame. Deep chest and short coupled. Nice head with dark pigment & kind eye. Maturing nicely but tends to drop a bit behind when stood but moves out well.
3. Seamons – Messano Blue Suede Shoes JW
4. Collis – Merrimoor Waterbouy at Dorwinion
5. Foreman – Camestone Field Day at Ambersun

Special Veteran Dog or Bitch (9+ years) 2, 1Ab
1. Nelson – Cadwst Juno. 10 yr old golden bitch. Lovely happy face enjoying her day out. Shown in super coat & condition although I would of liked a little less weight on her as it did effect her movement. BVIS.

Special Open Dog or Bitch – 1
1. Tenfield Night of Thunder for Maddouse. Although this 4yr old dark golden boy stood alone in the ring he certainly caught my eye on his first run around. Good masculine head with dark pigmentation & kind eye. Well put together short coupled body with good angulation for & aft. Not over done in any way. Well muscled up and his overall balance showed on the move, hold-ing a lovely topline. For me he was the best mover of the boys today. Unfortunately in the final challenge he was out moved by the bitches. BD, BOS.

Minor Puppy Bitch – 6
A super class of babies, all of which could changes places on another day.
1. King – Ravenglade Princess Leia. 7mth Golden girl with lovely feminine head & dark pigmentation. Good reach of neck set on good shoulders. Straight legs with good bone & tight feet. Good rear angulation. Moved straight & true for her age, shows loads of promise for the future.
2. Seamons – Messano Kiss Me Now. 6mth raw baby girl who also shows loads of promise. Very similar comments apply as to my winner. So well put together it showed in her straight & true movement. I was really splitting hairs between these 2 young ladies.
3. Ward – Fernavy Hobnob Hazelnut
4. Taylor & Tenn – Strettonhill’s Just In Time
5. Taylor & Tenn – Strettonhill’s In Time

Puppy Bitch – 5,1Ab
1. Ashton – Willowlawn Wyldstyle – Beautifully presented pale young lady of 9mths. Lovely feminine head with dark pigment & kind eye. Good reach of neck, well angulated shoulders with legs well set under. Straight well boned legs set on tight feet. Short coupled body, strong loin and nicely balanced rear angulation. Good level topline both standing & on the move. Delighted to hear afterwards that she gained her Junior Warrant with this class win, well done.
2. King – Ravenglade Princess Leia
3. Gregory – Kennelridge Melody by Bernewode
4. Seamons – Messano Kiss Me Now

Junior Bitch – 9,3Ab
1. Zubair – Thornywait Cassiopeia JW. Dark golden bitch of 13mths in super condition. Lovely head with typical golden smile! Good reach of neck onto super shoulders, deep chest with good upper arm and legs placed well under her on tight feet. Good spring of rib, short coupled, strong loin and nicely angulated rear. Well muscled and moved with drive around the ring. RBB
2. Ashton – Willowlawn Wyldstyle.
3. Hill – Sanduala Kiss From A Rose (AI)
4. Chan – Lovissa Hello Dolly of Wemcrest
5. Trafford – Wynrita Misti Daze

Yearling Bitch – 12, 8Ab
1. Kipps – Willowlawn Orient Express to Wheatcroft JW. Larger framed taller pale bitch than previous classes. Nice head, Good reach of neck. Staright front & tight feet. Good angulation, moves with drive. Just needs a bit of time to mature now.
2. Chan – Lovissa Hello Dolly of Wemcrest. Golden bitch with feminine head. Compact well balanced body. nicely put together. Moved well.
3. Trafford – Wynrita Misti Daze
4. Phipps Baker & Baker – Tenfield Alcor at Maddouse

Novice Bitch – 8, 5Ab
1. King – Ravenglade Princess Leia
2. Chan – Lovissa Hello Dolly of Wemcrest
3. Gunter – Moorvista Snow Bunting

Undergraduate Bitch – 6, 3Ab
1. Hill – Sandaula Kiss From A Rose (AI). Pale golden young lady with nice feminine head and gentle expression shown in good coat. Good reach of neck. Good front with well boned legs & tight feet. Good spring of rib with short coupled body. Moved better in this class than previous as more settled.
2. Chan – Lovissa Hello Dolly of Wemcrest
3. Trafford – Wynrita Misti Daze

Graduate Bitch – 6, 2Ab
1. Clunie – Warrentor Caipirinha JW. Wow, this girl caught my eye on the first run around. Super rich golden coat. Lovely head with good pigmentation & dark eyes. Good lay back of shoulder, good upper arm with legs set well under, deep chest and good spring of rib. Short coupled, strong over loin with super rear angulation. Well muscled and wow, this girl can move! In the final challenge she stepped up a gear and flowed out so well around the ring with plenty of reach, drive & super topline. BB, BIS
2. List – Haydengold Rumour Has It JW. Another golden girl of similar type to winner. A bit heavier in the neck, short coupled with balance through out. Good level topline and moved well.
3. Hill – Sandaula This Will Do (AI) JW
4. Gunter – Kendaamber Rosy Glow

Post Graduate Bitch – 8,4Ab
1. Hush – Benrowan Esprit. Lovely golden bitch with pretty head and good pigmentation. Good shoulders & deep chest with straight legs and tight feet. Short coupled body with good rear angulation. Balanced throughout and moved out well.
2. Haxton – Dantassie Disadora. Bigger framed paler bitch than winner. Strong bodied & well boned. Well angulated shoulders and good spring of rib. Shown in super coat, just preferred the balanced angulation of the winner.
3. Phipps Baker & Baker – Maddouse Tail Spinner
4. Kelsey – Carolake Ruby Tuesday

Open Bitch – 13, 7Ab
1. Mell – Meloak Lily The Pink. 7yr old mature pale bitch, dark pigmentation and shown in lovely coat. Short coupled well bal-anced lady with good bone. Not over done in any way. On the move she had real spring and drive in her step.
2. Smith – Goldmarker Luminara. Smaller framed dark golden bitch. Lovely feminine head. Short coupled and balanced throughout, standing on good tight feet. Moved effortlessly around the ring.
3. Clunie – Warrentor Maplemoon
4. Gayler – Carolake Remember Me JW
5. Clarke – Ivelwell Imperial Fizz from Ousevale

Brace – 1
1. Hill – A lovely well matched pair of golden bitches in type. Very similar happy characters when free stood and moved well together around the ring.

Judge – Julia Ewart (Beaupippin)