The Golden Retriever Club Single Breed Open Show 21st November 2021

I would like to thank the committee of The Golden Retriever Club for giving me the opportunity to judge my first Breed Club Open Show, my entry was wonderful so my thanks also goes to all exhibitors that entered. There was so much quality throughout that led to some tough decisions on placings and I was thrilled with my winning line up on the day.

Minor Puppy Dog

1st Haines – Leighsham Tullamore, although he stood alone in this class this did not take anything away from his quality throughout, excellent overall balance and coming together nicely for an 8 month old. In good coat and condition, good length of neck in to well laid back shoulders, his excellent front and rear assembly enabled him to move around the ring with ease.

Puppy Dog

1st Bawdens – Balsamina Beachcomber at Darthill, absolute quality and beautifully presented! Good size for his age with a construction that can’t be ignored. Good layback of shoulder with good upper arm and a very straight front. Rear end angles were spot on with lovely let down hocks. Moved around the ring with confidence and ease. BEST DOG PUPPY/BEST OPPOSITE SEX PUPPY

2nd Golders – Summeramba Spotted Dick NAF, another quality puppy, slightly smaller frame than the first placed puppy with good bone and excellent overall proportions, beautiful pale coat with a masculine head and soft expression. Another puppy that moved with confidence and drive.

Junior Dog

1st Carters – Kadaka Kauldrun, a super dog with a masculine head and soft appealing expression, superb length of neck in to well laid back shoulders, level topline both static and on the move with an excellent tail set, perfect tight feet with excellent overall front end assembly, moved out well.

2nd Wilds – Quakerhall Master Mariner at Bluewater, Lovely boy, nicely put together, well boned with correct angulation both in front and rear, in excellent hard condition and moved out very well.

Yearling Dog

1st Lane & Lane Ridyards – Kulawand Skywalker, A balanced boy who stood to perfection, such a soft melting expression with a masculine head, strong neck in to well laid back shoulders. Very good top line both free stood and on the move with an excellent tail set. Straight front and tight feet, he had a good length of upper arm and well laid back shoulders. Moved out very well on the day.

2nd Wilds – Quakerhall Master Mariner at Bluewater

Novice Dog

1st Golders – Summeramba Spotted Dick NAF

2nd Carters – Kadaka Kauldrun

Undergraduate Dog

1st Golders – Summeramba Spotted Dick NAF

2nd Carters – Kadaka Kauldrun

Graduate Dog

1st  Haxtons – Dantassie Double Take, so much to admire about this young man, he didn’t put a foot wrong, nothing too overdone with his overall construction that complemented him in so many ways. His foot placement on the move was spot on and his handler moved him at just the right pace. A masculine head and the most adoring soft expression, excellent lay back of shoulder with his top line held on the move beautifully. Tail carriage was perfect on the move and was certainly at one with his handler. BEST DOG/RESERVE BEST IN SHOW

2nd Norris’s – Fenpinque Magnum Opus at Molestream JW, A super boy to go over in excellent hard condition. Of excellent proportions with the most masculine of heads, soft expression and dark eye. Good bone with straight front and rear and solid well-muscled hind quarters. Overall balance a symmetry was good and held his top line on the move. 

Post Graduate Dog

1st Collis’s Merimoor Outlander at Dornwinion, dark gold boy who stood alone in this class, I liked his sweet expression and he had good pigment, good strong masculine head and level top line into a good tail set, good front and rear assembly and moved out well around the ring.

Open Dog

1st Wilds – Quakerhall Sea Master by Bluewater JW, Hard to deny this balanced boy the class, the most pleasing soft expression, masculine head but not too over done. Strong reach of neck in to well laid back shoulders, super top line both free stood and on the move. Front end construction was correct, and his shoulder placement was excellent. Good depth of chest with plenty of heart room. Good turn of stifle with excellent width of second thigh. Straight well let down hocks and moved with ease. RESERVE BEST DOG

2nd Kipps – Cadwst Flash Flame to Wheatcroft, a beautiful pale coated boy, excellent outline with clean lines, masculine in everyway and excellent pigment, dark eye and soft expression. Super cat like feet with straight front and good length of upper arm. Just the right amount of turn of stifle with well let down hocks, another dog who moved well and at one with his handler.

Special Veteran Dog or Bitch (9+ Years)

1st Robbins & Rowarks – Largymore Lillygloves of Brekswood (B), Always a pleasure judging the veterans who have so much to offer and this lady didn’t disappoint, in really good coat and condition she showed so well for her handler. A feminine girl whose overall balance and construction I liked very much who seemed to enjoy her day.  BEST SPECIAL VETERAN IN SHOW

2nd Mells – Meloak Lilly The Pink (B), An appealing pale bitch with a lovely feminine head with a gorgeous expression. Clean reach of neck into good shoulder placement. A level topline and well sprung ribs, nice straight front with tight feet. Moved true and correctly around the ring.

Special Open Dog or Bitch

1st Turners – Grain of Golds Arwen of Amilone (IMP SWE) SGWC, this girl is so feminine in every way with a wonderful soft expression, excellent length of neck in to well laid back shoulders, level top line with an excellent tail set, tight feet with good front end assembly, straight hocks and good turn of stifle. A well made lady who I’m sure has no problem out in the shooting field.

2nd Williams – Berrymeade Coeur Blimey at Busheyhall, a pleasing boy to the eye, not quite the coat of first place but certainly made up for it with his movement. His foot placement was spot on and he glided around the ring holding his topline as he moved. Good overall construction with pleasing expression, he had a good strong neck in to well laid back shoulders, straight front and nice tight feet. A boy fit for working in the shooting field.

Minor Puppy Bitch

1st Jackson Haines – Leighsham Chantilly, This 8 month old was certainly a stand out for me in this class, a lovely soft expression with a feminine head and perfect dark pigment, front assembly straight and correct with a good lay back of shoulder. Nice length of neck flowing into an excellent top line and tail set. Just the correct amount of bend in stifles with straight hocks. Moved freely around the ring with drive and confidence.

2nd Cruttwell & Carters – Ashbyglen Enchantee TAF, a well-constructed pale coated puppy, lovely youngster of good type and overall outline, beautiful soft expression with a feminine head with excellent pigment, good reach of neck in to well laid back shoulders, straight front with good tight feet, straight rear that allowed her to move out correctly. She has great appeal and presence and I shall watch with interest as she matures.

Puppy Bitch

1st Falconers – Soneve Simply Special for Siatham, a puppy that I’ve admired sat ringside but seeing her up close and going over her did not disappoint. She oozes class and wants the world to see her, a cheeky character that added to the likability of this baby. Her overall construction was spot on and looking in to her dark soft eyes made me melt. Feminine head and expression with good length of neck into excellent shoulder construction, good topline in to an excellent tail set. Moved around the ring wanting to be noticed. BEST BITCH PUPPY/BEST PUPPY IN SHOW

2nd Russell Bond & Coles – Rosinante Silhouette, a well put together young lady who didn’t put a foot wrong, in good coat and condition, correct size and maturity for her age, straight front into cat like feet, good turn of stifle and straight hocks, moved out very well with her handler.

Junior Bitch

1st Nelson & Ashtons – Willowlawn Staycation at Cadwst, quality bitch in excellent coat and condition, eye catching expression, good pigment, stands so balanced with good reach of neck, excellent top line both static and on the move, certainly no slouch on the move and her movement was correct and very positive, correct front and rear assembly but her overall balance shone through for me on the day.

2nd Clarksons – Drumkilty Triskele, a lovely girl who showed a good clean outline showing all her positives, feminine in head and expression, good reach of neck into well placed shoulders, lovely tight feet and well angulated front and rear assembly, she moved out correctly with positivity and drive.

Yearling Bitch

1st Russell Bonds – Rosinante Deju Vu, balanced golden bitch of good type and pleasing to the eye, good overall balance and short coupled, straight front with excellent shoulder construction, correct length of neck in good layback of shoulders. Level topline continuing to an excellent tail set, good turn of stifle with straight let down hocks.

2nd Lane & Lane Ridyards – Kulawand Sky With Diamonds, this bitch was presented beautifully with her dense pale coat and overall condition, a well constructed girl with good bone and excellent proportions. Well laid back shoulders and good length of upper arm, straight front with cat like feet, her rear end is well constructed with just the right amount of turn of stifle, moved well and at one with handler. Just preferred overall balance of first place.

Novice Bitch

1st Nelson & Ashtons – Willowlawn Staycation at Cadwst

2nd Clarksons – Drumkilty Triskele

Undergraduate Bitch

1st Clarksons – Drumkilty Triskele

2nd Jackson Haines – Leighsham Chantilly

Graduate Bitch

1st Hills – Sandaula This Will Do (AI) JW, this bitch caught my eye as soon as she came in the ring and from that point I thought that this is the bitch to beat on the day so far and didn’t disappoint in the challenge. She stood so fore square with just enough length of body and her rich gold coat looked amazing. Beautiful soft expression with a lovely dark eye, strong neck into superb shoulder construction and front end assembly. Level topline held on the move and her rear end angles complimented her overall shape. At one with handler who handled her beautifully. I loved everything about this bitch who was just the complete picture for me on the day BEST BITCH/BEST IN SHOW

2nd Falconers – Contemporary Beguile Again Via Siatham, I liked this girl a lot with her feminine head and expression with good pigment and nice dark eye, good length of neck into excellent shoulder placement with a superb top line, nicely boned with tight feet and straight front, tight fitting elbows and good spring of rib. Excellent turn of stifle and she was well muscled all over. Moved around the ring with solid reach and drive.

Post Graduate Bitch

1st Haxtons – Dantassie Dancing Moonbeam, this lady stood out for me in this class, well balanced in excellent condition and handled to perfection. A lovely feminine head and lovely soft expression, good front assembly, well laid back shoulders in to a level topline, moved out very well around the ring ring. Just edged second place on coat.

2nd Harding & Starts – Eveninghill Moment to Shine, A lovely balanced girl with just enough coat on the day for me, she’s in superb hard condition with nothing too overdone on this quality girl, a straight front in to nice tight feet and her rear end has a good turn of stifle. She had a superb topline both free stood and on the move. Feminine head with lovely soft expression and is certainly at one with her handler.

Open Bitch

1st Robbins & Rowarks – Quakerhall Lady Bountiful By Brekswood JW, a superb class to win for this very pretty and appealing bitch in the most lovely of coats and condition, good length of neck leading to well laid back shoulders, her top line was spot on both standing and when on the move and she moved out to perfection with ease and style. RESERVE BEST BITCH

2nd Loverocks – Riera Empress of Lovissa (IMP RUS), having judged this gorgeous bitch before she still oozes quality in a very good class. A nicely constructed girl with a feminine head and appealing expression, correct length of neck into good shoulder placement. Straight front and close-fitting elbows. Top line was level both standing and on the move. Her rear construction was also correct with a good turn of stifle and well-muscled second thighs. Moved out very well showing excellent foot placement around the ring.


1st Pounds-Longhursts – Mossburn Galloping Major & Mossburns Golly Miss Molly, a lovely brother and sister combination who complimented each other so well, two very appealing youngsters to look at with gorgeous soft expressions, excellent pigment and so clearly could see the masculine and feminine heads. Not always easy to move a pair in a brace but their handler got them going very well.