After several postponements and difficult Covid restrictions, the hard working officers and committee pulled out all the stops to put on the show,and even arranged for the sun to shine. Grateful thanks to my stewards, Lindsey and Sue, whose efficiency and good humour contributed greatly to my enjoyment of the day.
All of the exhibits were beautifully turned out, those with deep gold coats were gleaming in the sun.
I was very impressed with the younger dogs, who,despite limited outings took it all in their stride. Full credit to their owners
Several dogs were carrying more weight than I like, some being in soft condition.
More than a few had feet turning out, some lacking the cat feet that I look for.
To my great dismay, many dogs flew their tails, some like flag poles, and some otherwise quality dogs paid the penalty for these two faults.

Veteran – 7 years + ( 4).
1)  Loverock’s Sh.Ch. Thornywait Crackerjack of Lovissa. Beautifully presented in deep gold coat. Gentle head and expression with dark pigment. Straight front, deeply bodied with a level top line and well turned stifle. Sound mover.
2) McGuffie’s Milltimber Island Mist. Pale gold with a balanced outline. Typical head,dark eye. Well boned with neat feet. Firm body,with level top line held on the move.
3) Wright’s Palton Panetela.

Special Veteran – 9 + years (2)
1) McCormack’s Sh.Ch. Flyngalee Alonso. Lively and animated presented in firm and muscular condition. Masculine head, reach neck. Sound all through with strong quarters, he showed reach and drive on the move. Best Veteran.
2) Pickard’s Sh.Ch.Lovissa Chance of Diamonds. Deep and compact in body, well turned out in beautiful coat. Strong head, dark eye. Well off for bone, neatest of feet. Firm quarters, well turned stifles. Moved steadily and with drive. Just a little heavy for me today.

Minor Puppy (5)
1) Bawden’s Balsamina Beachcomer at Darthill. Well grown and showing a clean balanced outline. Gentle head and expression. Well boned front, clean neck, firm top line and well set tail. Strong and muscled quarters, he strode out well. Looks just right for his age.
2) Loverock & Waldron – Smith’s Thorneywait Save My Space at Lovissa. Good sized pup, shown in lovely pale gold coat. Sweet head with dark pigment, sound all through with neat feet. Well ribbed for age, firm back. Steady mover. Close up to winner.
3)Golder’s Summeramba Spotted Dick . ( Love the name ! ).

Puppy (10)
1) McGroaty’s Tamniarn Moonlit Serenade. Shapely pup,balanced in outline. Gentle head and expression. Straight, well boned front, short coupled to firm quarters and level top line kept on the move.
2) Carter’s Kadaka Kauldron. Neat and well balanced. Sweet head and expression, clean neck, good bone and feet. Level topline and firm quarters. Steady mover.
3) Gerhold’s Navilis Nouveau Venn ( Imp.UA)

Junior (4)
1) Archibald’s Abinvale Firestorm (AI). Well grown cream just coming into coat. Clean in outline, soft head and expression with dark eye and pigment. Super bone and feet, good depth of rib for age, firm backend well turned stifle. Steady, even, movement.
2) N.Nouveau Venn ( Imp.UA). 3rd in a good puppy class. Well developed in body, strong head for age. Short coupled to wide quarters, neat rear pasterns. Steady mover.
3) Archer’s Haydengold Time To Shine for Sunandair.

Yearling (7).
1) Williams’ Berrymeade Coeur Blimey at Busheyhall. Neat and well balanced. Masculine head, with good width to muzzle and a dark eye. Well off for bone, good depth of body with short couplings and strong quarters. Needs to strengthen in rear pasterns. Sound on the move.
2) Foreman’s Ambersun Heart and Soul. Compact gold in full coat. Lovely head and eye good pigment. Mature body, well ribbed back to strong backend. A shade proud of his tail today.
3) Humphrey’s Sequotia Anywhere Is.

Novice (14)
1) Smith’s Thornywait Iluminati at Goldmarker Well presented in mid gold coat, nicely balanced and well grown. Typical head, dark eye and pigment. Good bone and feet. Well ribbed with level topline, leading to firm quarters. Covered the ground well on the move.
2) Kadaka Kauldron
3) Phipps Baker & Baker’s Maddouse Rollercoaster.

Undergrad. (11)
1) Kipp’s Cadwst Flash Flame to Wheatcroft. Such a clean and flowing outline on this cream in super condition. Lovely head and eye, straight, well boned front, tight feet.
Well ribbed back to a firm backline with straight and strong rear pasterns.
Covered the ground with reach and drive. In my opinion, only needs maturity to go to the top.
2) Smith’s Thornywait I. at Goldmarker.
3) Gerhold Navilis N.Venn (Imp UA)

Graduate (15)
1) Kinchella’s Honeymill Elder Warrior.
Presented in gorgeous gold coat. Gentle headed with dark pigment. Clean in neck, with good bone and feet. Level topline with wide and firm quarters, neat rear pasterns. Sound and easy mover.
2)Dyne’s Lovissa Guys and Dolls at Cedardyne ( Jun Ch). Good sized, in gleaming gold coat. Masculine head with dark eye. Reachy neck, deep and mature body with strong and firm quarters. Level mover,would prefer tighter feet.
3) Watkins Look For A Star at Gillbryan.

Post Grad. ( 9).
1) Wight’s Palton Pavarotti. Yet another gorgeous deep gold coat, in super condition.
Balanced head with dark eye. Deep and well sprung rib, with short couplings to firm quarters. Well boned all through, level topline held on the move.
2) Clark’s Haydengold One More Knight. J.W. Nicely balanced in outline, masculine head with dark eye. Well boned and straight front with neat feet. Firm and mature in body, well ribbed back Firm topline leading to strong quarters. Steady mover.
3) Wallington’s Wynrita School Daze.

Mid Limit (5)
Taylor’s Alibren Eccles at Tannadice JW.
Attractive and unexaggerated outline on this well presented pale gold. Lovely head and expression, with dark eye and pigment. Straight front, clean neck, good ribs firm quarters and strong rear pasterns. Correct tail set carried well on the move. One you have to get your hands on to appreciate his sound construction. Delighted to award him the Res CC.
2) Loverock and Waldron Smith ‘s Thornywait Space  Cowboy at Lovissa JW.
Nicely balanced all through, clean in outline with a typical head and good pigment. Deep through the heart, level topline and firm quarters. Gleaming gold coat. Steady mover.
3) Birkin – Green & Gripton’s Sansue Keep the Magic JW,

Limit  ( 10)
1) Giltsoff’s Endellion Spinnaker. Looking an absolute picture in full and beautifully presented mid gold coat, this well balanced and soundly constructed dog took my eye. Masculine head, dark eye and pigment. Good bone and feet. Deep with good spring of rib, with wide and firm quarters, good bend of stifle. On the move he drove off his firm rear pasterns, and never faltered or flagged. My star of the day, I was delighted to award him the CC, his 3 rd,thus his well deserved Sh.Ch. title.
2) Ellis’ Tenfield Dark and Stormy. Presented a pleasing picture in gleaming deep gold coat. Lovely, typical head, balanced all through, clean shoulder and good bone. Short couplings with firm and muscled quarters. Moved well, just not the drive of winner.
3) Roper’s Catnells Inside Story for Brensham .

Open (7)
1) Trinder’s Sh.Ch Thornywait San Valentino JW ShCM. Worthy Champion who appealed for balance and sound construction. In full pale coat, well turned out. Masculine head, mature body, well off for bone, firm topline and correct tailset carried well on the move. A shade heavy for me today.
2) Gerhold’s Jaymardy Indigo Pacific JW.  Clean in outline, with a typical head and dark eye. Well boned straight front, neat feet. Good spring of rib, longer cast than 1st, Steady mover. Well turned out cream coat.
3) Archibald’s Sh Ch/ Ir.Sh.Ch. Abinvale Levantine

Field Trial (0).

Special  Show Gundog/ Working Gundog Certificate (3)
1) Roper’s Catnells Inside Story for Brensham  3rd in the strong Limit class
Nicely balanced mid gold, with an attractive head and dark eye. Clean in neck,well boned and in firm and muscular condition throughout with strong quarters. Sound mover.
2) Rose and Neil’s Gildas Amori Infiniti (Imp Swe)
Neat and well constructed, showing personality with his ever wagging tail. Typical head, dark eye. Deeply ribbed, short coupled with firm muscling. Steady mover. Sadly lacking a little coat.
3) Phipps Baker & Baker’s Tenfield Night of Thunder for Maddouse. JW.

Janet Barrow (Judge )