2016 Dog Critique: Judge: Liz Keene (Shinehill)

GRC Championship Show 2016

A super entry in quality and quantity for the club’s sixty fourth Championship Show. I thank the exhibitors for bringing their lovely dogs for me to judge. I must also congratulate the overseas exhibitors on their superb presentation and handling of their dogs.

Veteran. (9,2) 1 Stevens and Haddens Sh Ch/ ir sh ch Gunhills January Master,looking very well for 9 1/2, standing four square showing off his balanced outline, lovely head and gentle expression, shown in full pale cream coat that was in excellent condition, great muscle tone which was evident on the move, sound driving movement fore and aft, B.V.I.S.2.Buftons Wylloh Dark side of the moon, super mid gold boy lovely type, super head and expression, welloff for bone good legs and feet, good reach of neck into well placed shoulders, well proportioned body and quarters, moved steadily. 3.Whitbys Crisansa a Perfect Storm.

Minor Puppy.(12,3) 1. Lopez Luke Skywalker de ria vela at just 6 months this young man shows lots of promise, great balance for age, delightful head with kindly expression strong legs and feet, correct forehand, short coupled, level topline with well turned stifles, neat tidy movement, well handled B.P.D. 2. Leonards Wynrita Catch a dream, well grown young man with a happy disposition, typical head with pleasing expression, well balanced body and topline, good quarters, movede well when settled. 3. Loach and Zubairs Thornywait Rossini.

Puppy.1. Lopez L. Skywalker de Ria Vela. 2. Leonards W Catch a dream. 3. Bednalls Gunhills Magic Masquerade.

Junior. (20,5) 1. Broadheads Monchique pure imagination super young dog with an impressive outline, loved his head and expression, presented to perfection in dense pale cream coat, excellent front and quarters to match, firm topline hend on the move, moved with purpose and drive, should have a great future. 2.Jackson-Haines Anguskye run to you by Leighsham, lovely mid gold who has a smart outline, masculine head, pleasing expression, good bone and neat feet, strong neck into well placed shoulders, ribs well sprung, well turned stifles and strong hocks, tidy level mover. 3.Morss Xanthos Bullet proof.

Yearling. (21,5)1. Zaninis Pinkerly out of my mind,attractive young man with a lovely shape and outline, nice head and getle expression, well angulated front and rear, short coupled body, level topline, correct tailset moved with drive, well handled.2.Lopez Little Violets unrrivalled to ria vela really liked everything about this young dog,very well made has super bone and feet, strong topline, good depth of chest,super head and dark pigment, well muscled quarters which enabled him to power around the ring, sadly lacking his best coat today. 3. Mandleys Maltqodos Nordic Warrior.

Novice. (16,5)1. Lopez L. Voilets U to ria vela. 2.Leonards Wynrita catch a Dream.3. Rose Dunehills Overseas link avec Gaytonwood.

Undergraduate. (23,7)1.Loverocks Lovissa space Dust super young dog who will take time to fill his frame well up to size, clean outline, super head, well placed shoulders, legs straight nice feet, balanced throughout, correct tailset,strong topline held on the move, moved accurately and with drive.2. Hicks Steval music maker at Cornborough not a big lad but loved his head and pleasing expression, good reach and set in of neck into correct shoulders, short coupled balanced outline, moved well fore and aft. 3. Browns Kadaka Kaman at Westcombe.

Graduate (11,4)1.Barnes Largymore Leonardo at Shapiron liked his head and expression, short coupled compact outline, well off for bone, tight feet, dead level topline held on the move,in good coat, moved and presented well.2.Griegs Nedlezah Take a chance on me at Cranngary similar in type and shape to 1,good male head, clean neck and shoulders, nicely boned,well sprung ribs, in super coatand condition, strong quarters moved well.3.Keightleys Goldlyn go roaming to Richana.

Post Graduate,(17,4)1.Williams Catcombe country tzar of Busheyhall this mature rich gold boy has tremendous ring presence and super construction to match, lovely head with true golden expression, excellent front with correct angle to upper arm, mature body, strong in loin, well turned stifles with short strong hocks, tail carried level, his superb angulation front and rear enabled him to power around the ring with effortless movement, res C.C. 2.Joys Fenpinque Will I ‘am shardanell unlucky to meet 1 in such sparkling form but i liked him very much, shown in profuse pale cream coat with a smart outline, masculine head with super pigment, excellent front and rear angles, mature body and strong in loin, firm topline held on the move, moved with accuracy and drive.3.Bawdens Goldleigh macloud at Darthill.

Mid- Limit.(15,4) 1.Cuthills Mousseglen Maclaine loved the classical outline on this mid gold boy, delightful head with gentle expression, correct lay of shoulder and angle to upper arm, very good bone and cat like feet, deep through the heart,good body and loin, well muscled quarters enabling him to move accurately and with plenty of drive.2. Prices Grain of Golds summer feeling at Palton, lots to like about him,very eyecatching, lovely head and pleasing expression, correct angles front and rear, well prepared coat,good body and topline held on the move, moved with purpose and drive.3. Golders Gembaeks mixed music to Summeramba.

Limit.(22,9)1.Bakers Wynrita Witchfinder shown in full rich golden coat this dog has a striking outline and showed his socks off to win this quality class, super male head and intelligent expression, great bone and tight feet, excells in forehand and corresponding quarters to match, moved with great reach and drive, thought he would be my C.C. winner unfortunately went lame in the challenge due to a wasp sting.2.Hodgesons Fenpinque Romeo really lovely pale cream dog shown to perfection on a loose lead, super head with good depth of muzzle, correct forehand with good bone and feet, dead level topline,well sprung ribs, well bent stifles and strong hocks, tail well set on and carried level, positive active mover. 3. Lopez Apple Jack de ria vela.

Open (18,8)1. Wilds Sh Ch. Fenwood Ell Masterpiece at Bluewaters, many accolades have been written about this worthy champion but today i have never seen him look better, shown to perfection in full pale golden coat that gleamed in the sun, has a stunning outline that fits the standard so well, masculine head with gentle expression, strong reach of neck into excellent layback of shoulder and correct angle to upper arm, mature deep body, good breadth of quarters with well turned stifles, second thigh well muscled enabling him to cover the ground with a long free stride, pleased to award him the C.C. and with my co judges agreement B.O.B.

2. carbonis Sh Ch.Il Travatore Della val D’ aveto very different in type and colour to 1 but an impressive outline on this rich golden dog, good male head, well off for bone with tight feet, well made throughout, firm topline held on the move, sound driving movement, just prefered strength and breadth of quarters of 1.3. De Ridders Bel Sh.Ch. Thornywait Aceymac.

Field Trial.(1)1. Gardners Holway Flint of Foxcote 5 year old rich gold boy enjoying his day out, typical head with intelligent expression, coat in excellent condition, good body and well muscled quarters, moved and handled well.

Special Show Gundog/ Working Gundog Certificate.1. Williams C Country Tzar of Busheyhall. 2. Morss Ita Ch. Xanthos Ferrari lovely mid gold with a smart outline, very balanced and well made throughout, excellent quarters, mature deep body and correct tailset, sound movement fore and aft, well handled.3. Neils Ch. Moloko Pure Dead Brilliant.

Special Working Dog.(3,2) 1.Bissels Warrentor Wesley for Bisskids dark golden with a nice outline, good head with pleasing expression, good bone and feet, well sprung ribs level topline held on the move, moved steadily.

Liz Keene. (judge).