Bitch Critique: David Mannings (Gatchells)

A very strong entry on a very hot day. I was looking for angulation, balance, femininity and movement. I was very pleased to find this in nearly all of my classes. The heat affected the movement of some of the bitches, with tails not raised to topline in some cases spoiling the flowing movement I was looking for.
Watching my CC. winner move was a joy for me as it was exactly what I hoped to find

Vet B. (9.2)

1st Neil’s Thorneywait New Song for Moloko.
Well balanced gold, moving with good drive. Good length of neck with very good shoulder and upperarm. Good bone and feet, straight topline and rear patterns giving strength on the move.

2nd Falconer’s Siatham Never Say Never.
Cream moving very smartly for a veteran bitch. Feminine head and kind eye. Good length of neck, bone and feet. Well-developed ribbing with strong loin showing a very correct topline.

3rd Fisher’s Palizolla Polar Bear JW.

M.P. Bitch (19.6)

1st Campion’s Fenpique Prada Icandy.
Eyecatching puppy, very forward for age, moved with good drive all day to be awarded BPIS. Well balanced standing and moving, with very good angulation front and rear. Strong body and short loin with level topline and tailset. Stifles of good angle and length and strong rear pasterns. Liked her a lot.

2nd Ward’s Laurenley Liberty.
Promising youngster just lacking finish of one. Good head and pigment, well angulated front and rear, more compact than winner but maintaining excellent balance. Strong body with short loin, good bone and feet, should do well in the future.

3rd Jones & Athey’s Ninell Gwendolyn.

Puppy Bitch (28.4)

1st Moore’s Altindan I Dreamed a Dream.
Just out of minor puppy but showed and moved way to success here. Very pretty head with dark pigment, good length of neck, shoulder and upperarm. Well rounded feet, level topline with correct tailset. Well bent stifle and keeping her balance on the move.

2nd Clarkson’s Drumkilty Hibernia.

Impressive cream puppy standing but lacked drive today on a very hot day. Strong neck line with good front and rear angulation, straight fourlegs with good bone and feet. Level top line with correct short loin. Lost out to 1st on the move.

3rd Silverbarrow Secret in Lace.

Junior Bitch (31.10)

1st Burrows & French’s Dilworthey Princess Lottie.
Very well balanced youngster who showed and moved well here. Feminine head with very good shoulder and upperarm, lovely cat-like feet, well ribbed back with strong loin and correct tailset. Held her shape well on move with good drive, but heat affected movement in follow on classes.

2nd Hill & Smith’s Megarvey Once upon a Time JW.
Larger framed gold with good balance standing and moving. Good length of neck, straight forelegs with good bone and feet. Level topline and tailset, well bent stifle and straight rear pasterns.

3rd Archer’s Monchique Believe in Dreams for Shanade.

Yearling Bitch (22.5)

1st Zanini’s Pinkerly it Doesn’t Matter.
Pale cream feminine bitch showed to advantage and moving very well to take class. Lady like head with dark eye, good length of neck with very good front angulation. Straight forelegs with good bone and feet, level topline with strong loin, maintaining her shape while moving.

2nd Burrows and French’s Dilworthy Princess Lottie.

3rd Ashton’s Willowlawn La Sylphlide JW.

Novice Bitch (24.1)

1st Altindan I Dreamed a Dream.

2nd Dilworthey Princess Lottie.

3rd Megarvey Once Upon a Time JW.

Undergrad B. (18.0)

1st Altindan I Dreamed a Dream

2nd Cottesall’S Golmes Gilotty.
Golden lady that moved very easily in all her classes, maintaining shape while moving.

3rd Pett’s Lady in Red de Ambersclan of Rumwood.

Grad B. (18.6)

1st Dilworthey Princess Lottie.

2nd Oldring’s Ramchaine Obla Di Obla Da at Flaxengold.
Well-made elegant cream with good balance standing and moving. Attractive head with good length of neck into well laid shoulders. Good bone, level topline with short loin, well bent stifle and moving with drive.

3rd Forster’s Auristela Celestial Star JW.

Post Grad B. (16.3)

1st Kinmond’s Fernwyche Spirit of the Moon.
Well-made cream that needed time to see her at her best. Moved well with good drive showing her attributes in motion. Attractive head with kind eye, good length shoulder and upperarm, level topline and short in loin. Good rear angulation and strong rear pasterns.

2nd Dunbar’s Linirgor Violets Are Blue JW.
Well-made gold not in best coat but moving with good drive and balance. Dark pigment and good length of neck, well boned with tight feet. Level topline and tailset and strong loin and rear end. Close decision between 1st and 2nd.

3rd Turner’s Aupa Dolcetto Di Amilone JW.

Mid Limit Bitch (26.8)

1st Beer’s Tashsheen Martinique JW.
CC. RBIS and BOS. Moved like poetry in motion all day, epitome of balance standing and moving just lost out to dog in final run off. Compact gold bitch with melting head and expression, very good shoulder and upperarm, catlike feet, straight forelegs and good bone. Well ribbed back body short in loin and keeping level topline while moving. Strong rear pasterns and good rear angulation giving good drive.

2nd Edward’s Fenpinque so Prada to Lovehayne JW.
Eyecatching cream moving and showing very well today. Unlucky to be in strongest class today RCC. Feminie head with soft expression, good length of neck and shoulder and upperam of equal length. Level topline and tailset, nice short loin and well angled rear end giving strong, driving movement.

3rd Leonard’s Wynrita Hot Gossip JW.

Limit Bitch (15.5)

1st Jones & Athey’s ninell Daniella.
Elegant cream just edging a very nice class. Moved with good drive and impressive outline and in good coat and condition. Feminine head with dark pigment, good neck and front angulation. Well ribbed back with strong loin and well angled stifle. Another close decision but just edged it on coat and condition.

2nd Seamon’s Messano Expialidocious JW.
Her movement is excellent holding her shape so well but not in her best coat today. Good head and pigment, strong neck with balanced front and rear angulation. Good bone, level topline and short loin with straight rear pasterns giving her the power to move so well.

3rd Tower’s Alibren Rebecca JW.

Open Bitch (21.5)

1st Campion’s Fenwood Elle JW.
Edged a super class with her excellent confirmation. Well angulated cream standing and moving. Soft eye with good length of neck into well laid shoulders, good bone and feet. Strong body properties, level topline and good rear angulation with strong rear pasterns. Considered for reserve CC.

2nd Ward’s Sh. Ch. Laurenley Layla JW.
Well-constructed compact cream with excellent balance standing and moving. Good neck and front angulation, good bone and cat like feet, level topline with excellent rear angles and pasterns.

3rd Dunbar’s Linirgor Luv Song JW.

Field Trial (1.1)

S.S.G.W.G Certificate B. (3.1)

1st Dunbar’s Ch. Linirgor Mimi JW.
Elegant lady with very good angles front and rear. Moved with good drive in class but heat got to her in challenge. Feminine head with dark points and good expression, good length of neck into best shoulders of day. Straight forelegs, level topline and tailset, strong loin and good rear angles.

2nd Clunie’s Nakuru Brown Sugar of Warrentor.
Mid gold bitch with good length of stride and maintaining her drive after showing in the first and last class of the day, well done for that! Strong neck with straight forelegs, level topline and strong body.

Special Working Bitch (3.0)

1st Thomas’ Delcott Whisper at Hessonite JW.
Darker gold with impressive profile movement that won class with ease. Attractive head with dark eye, good length of neck and tight feet. Good ribbing and topline moved with drive.

2nd Clunie’s Nakuru Brown Sugar of Warrentor.

3rd Pounds- Longhurst’s Brodene Tempestivity to Mossburn.